Bank Reconciliation Excel Format (Free Download)

Here is the Bank reconciliation Excel Format.

Download it for your reconciliations and verifications.

Bank reconciliation template in Excel Format

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Here are the features:

Bank Balance Reconciliation

The Bank Balance Reconciliation process begins with the unadjusted balance.

This initial figure serves as the starting point for the reconciliation.

Throughout the process, reconciling items are taken into account, and adjustments are made accordingly.

These reconciling items typically include deposit in transit and outstanding checks.

In some instances, discrepancies may arise due to bank errors, adding an extra layer of complexity to the reconciliation process.

Book Balance Reconciliation

In the Book Balance Reconciliation, all reconciling items in the book are systematically listed.

This encompasses a range of discrepancies, including book errors in recording, unrecorded deposits, and disbursements.

Additionally, unrecorded interest income, fund transfers, and unrecorded bank charges are considered in this phase.

The goal is to compile a comprehensive list of unreconciled items in a bank reconciliation, ensuring that all aspects of the financial records are scrutinized.

Adjusted Balance Calculation

The ultimate aim of the bank reconciliation format is to calculate the adjusted balances of both the bank and book records.

The adjusted balance represents the actual available Bank Balance of an organization.

This critical step helps align the two sets of records and provides a clear and accurate depiction of the financial standing of the entity.

By factoring in all reconciling items and making necessary adjustments, organizations can ensure that their financial records are in sync and reflective of the true financial position.

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